Relais Le Primule Comune di premia (VB) Valle Antigorio e Formazza

Relais Le Primrose.

The owners, Dario and Louise are pleased to introduce a structure of tourist stay truly innovative suits different needs housing targeted to meet, families, groups mountaineers, scientists (geologists, scientists, writers, painters, etc.)
sports, and especially those who love tranquility and nature.
The structure is divided into 3 separate properties with different living situations completely refurbished to the local architecture and fully furnished with period furniture, observing techniques and natural materials like stone and wood with every comfort, sanitation, heating, Satellite TV, Internet, etc..
Offers you a relaxing stay in a context of extreme natural beauty and serenity.
The proximity of the Baths of Premia with spa, combined with the natural beauties of the area will be added to the value vs stay.

The Spa Awards are affiliated with us and our guests will enjoy a discount of 10%.

Le Primule 1

Palace built about the year 1730 and completely renovated in 2003 with the consolidation of innovative techniques and consists of 2 apartments 4 / 6 beds arranged on intermediate floors.
The Violet of about 65 sqm with 2 bedrooms and gentian of about 85 square meters with 2 bedrooms.
Property is approximately 1.5 km from the Baths of Premia and is located between the provincial awards and Spa in the City Sagiago fraction of prizes.
Its main purpose is the connotation of 'easy to reach combined with the general context, constituted by the views of large pastures and mountains above the River Toce, famous for its waterfall and lake artificial Piedilago, ENEL basin that feeds the
hydroelectric Verampio.
The property has a large garden for outdoor activities, as well as the parking lot inside.
Sagiago The village consists of a small group of buildings has the prerogative of a very beautiful quiet corner for those wishing to spend a holiday in complete serenity away from the problems typical of densely populated urban areas, but with the advantage of reach in 10 minutes, restaurants, shops, services, etc., in the municipality of prizes.
Wood and stone chalet built in an old cabin built in 1700 completely restored according to the architectural mountain natural materials and decorated with antiques.

Le Primule 2

Palace built around the year 1736 at the behest of the family Catenacci, wealthy family of the place, as evidence of planning instruments acquired which are referenced in this site.
It 'been restored to perfection in 2009, and were kept the original volumes emphasizing construction materials originating, reconciling them with the new housing needs, but with the determination of the current owners to enhance the conservation of the environment gives them the charm of old houses in the mountains tied to the testimonies of everyday life at the time.
The property has more apartments surface variables such as the Red Rose of about 85 sqm with 2 bedrooms on 1st floor for 6 persons, edelweiss more than 85 square meters with 2 bedrooms for 6 persons, and other solutions.
The garden for outdoor activities and parking inside the property.