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In the stunning backdrop of Lake Maggiore with its island, Isola Madre and Isola Bella and Isola Pescatori surrounded by the Alps and foothills in the triangle of Verbania, you will find our Relais Le Primrose, and more specifically in Ossola, City of Premium Val Antigorio Formazza and a few kilometers away from Verbania, Domodossola, Stresa, Switzerland.
The airport of Milan Malpensa airport is about 110 km highway.
The area is hemmed in by Switzerland to the "northern triangle" Ossola: the landscape is characterized by the presence of the Toce river that runs through the valley, but divided into two culturally distinct.
The Valley is Antigorio Latin and Romance, Walser and German instead Formazza.
Along the Val d'Ossola south, we find the so-called "Riviera antigoriana, or a range of villages located on a gentle slope facing east are hubs, Viceno, Cravegna, Croda, Baceno and awards. The latter is the economic capital of the valley and is home to the most famous spa town of Piedmont.
Until 1941 gold was mined in the valley: the underground is in fact rich variety of minerals so that the Ossola is considered the most important mineralogical District Italy and hosts the Museum of Earth Sciences at the Research Center Gnocchi, precisely to Crodo.
Entering the territory of Formazza you haul in a different dimension: only in 1920, in fact, the valley was well connected to the rest of Italy by a "stock" and this essential isolation, which lasted for centuries, allowed to maintain a strong cultural specificity.
The development overlooks the "gneiss, dark stone used for both houses for the monuments of the area. The natural landscape is characterized by woods, meadows and alpine lakes and the human environment is strongly influenced by Walser culture.
The habits of this population, migrated from the lands of Valais in the twelfth century, are encoded in Thalbuch.
Formazza is the collective name that collects nine villages, all inhabited Bridge is the old town and the ski valley.
The emergency nature of most interest are the falls of the Rio Alba, Sasso of premiums, Balmafredda Ravine, St. Lucia, Arvera, and Balmasurda Uriezzo. The latter, dry and visitors, consists of a series of circular cavities in the rock and extends for about five hundred feet. Also interesting Salecchio Walser village, now deserted but lively during the summer, many occasions.
On the whole, however, stands the Cascata del Toce, known as one of the best jump of Europe. 143 meters high was the destination of illustrious visitors such as Richard Wagner, Gabriele d'Annunzio and Queen Margherita of Italy. The waterfall is only open in summer months throughout the year its waters are exploited for hydroelectric purposes.

Popular excursion destinations are the Ravine Uriezzo, Alpe Devero, Salecchio, Vova Alps, Lake Kastel Toggia, etc., etc.

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